Who is what and who is not what | Mystery Solved

In the recent times, we have seen this query a lot. I am not sure about you, but I personally have seen a lot of people posting this particular phrase “Who is what and who is not what” and asking to derive the meaning of it.

When I first came across this phrase, I too was baffled and confused in the same way as you are.

To unlock the mystery, I went to many forums and question answer sites like Quora. I did a lot of research on this particular phrase “Who is what and who is not what”

I found few answers about this phrase on Quora and few threads on other forums, but I was still clueless about what all that actually was.

What is “Who is what and who is not what”

If we talk a more about this particular phrase, we will find out that it actually is a question which practically seems to have no possible answer, right?

But what if I tell you that this phrase is not merely a simple question. It has got a deep puzzle behind it.

So the crack to the puzzle is


There are two twin brothers whose’ names were “What” and “Not What” respectively.They both had a tag of their names attached with them. Once they both were lost in a fair and somehow that tag was lost from both of them.

The tag was there, but it was not attached to them. So the person who found the tags, was left in a dillema and asked this question

“Who is what and who is not What”


So Now I think that this famous riddle is solved. Go ahead and boast this crack in front of your friends.




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