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Top 10 Low Mb Games for Android you should try out

Low Mb Games

Low MB Games, as the name suggests are those games which are small in size and consume lesser system resources. So, downloaded these small mb games on a limited internet connection is also possible and playing them is fun too.

Gaming on Android can be a good pass time option especially when you do not have access to other comprehensive gaming options like PC Gaming or Console Gaming. For instance, while traveling, we can not carry PCs or consoles and in such situations, android games come handy.

Now, the problem with Android games is that some of them are very heavy and consume lots of system resources and some devices are not capable of running them. Heavy games also eventually degrade the quality of your Android device.

For the same reason, a lot of people prefer those games which consume less memory, lesser resources and are still a lot of fun to play. So today, I am going to list 10 games which, I would recommend you to try out and I bet, you will love them.

Best Low Mb Games for Android

Low Mb Games

In this article, I am going to mention those small mb games, which are lesser than 50 Mbs. Most of the games will be around 25-30 Mb. Also, in this game article, I will list 5 extremely low Mb games which are under 10 Mb in size.

I have played all of them, so I can say that they are amazing. Also, you are going to see some different games suggestions here, probably which you haven’t played before. So let’s get this rolling

Whistle Fly 2

This is a very unique game. When I first downloaded it, I was impressed with the concept. However, this game is not very addicting. But, I would recommend you to try it at least once, though I know that you will play it for one day and uninstall it then.

For the first time, I am sure that you will like the game. In this game, all you have to do is to whistle. The game senses your whistle and your bird flies. You need to overcome obstacles that come in your way and score points.


Recommendation: Worth trying once

Size: 16 MB

Download Whistle Fly 2

Stickman Fight

Stickman fight is a very addicting game and it comes in various modes. This is a very small sized game so you can not expect any sort of good graphics. But the game is nice and the concept is also good. The same kind of stages repeat but with added difficulty. Try it once, it will be worth it.

Recommendation: You should definitely try this small action packed game. You will like if for sure.

Size: 7 MB

Download Stickman Fight

Snake VS Block

Snake vs block

Okay so here comes one of the most addicting game in this list. Snake VS Block is not the typical Snake Block game that you have been playing since long before. This game instead comes with a different concept in which, your size decreases as you stumble across blocks

This game is developed by Voodoo and is much fun to play. I would recommend try it and you will not regret.

I must say, Voodoo has done great work in the field of mobile gaming and has made many amazing small mb games for lite users.

Recommendation: Definitely. One of the best in the list

Size: 33 MB

Download Snake VS Block

Fire UP

Fire Up

Another very addicting Arcade Game from Voodoo. Based on a concept which is similar to Snake VS Block but is not the same. The game is very addicting and you will find yourselves playing it for days. Even after playing the game for a month, you will not want to stop.

Amazing small mb game with an amazing concept. You should give it a try.

I personally liked the concept of this game very. These kind of arcade games are really very awesome.

Recommendation: Do not miss this one game. Try it at least once

Size: 34 MB

Download Fire Up

Dunk Hit

Dunk Hit

This is a basketball based game which is also very addicting. Dunk hit is a little large in size as compared to the other games mentioned in the list but still falls in under 50 MB category.

In this game, you have to score baskets one by one and bonus points apply after every successful basket. Though the game might seem boring on reading here, but believe me it isn’t. The game is addicting and fun.


Recommendation: Yes.

Size: 44 MB

Download Dunk Hit

Twisty Road – One of the best Low Mb Games in this list

Twisty Road

Twisty Road is a very addicting game to play. Like seriously, you will not want to stop playing once you start. This game is also developed and launched on play store by Voodoo.

The game comes under arcade category and here, you have to save the ball from falling down the lane. The game gest harder every second. Playing the game is much fun and addicting.

Recommendation: Amazing Game. Must try out.

Size: 39 MB

Download Twisty Road

Basketball stars

Basketball stars

This is another beautiful game which you will love if you are a basketball fan. This is much different from Dunk hit and is developed by Miniclip. The game has decent graphics, and different playing modes make it more fun.

Download it now and play, and I bet, you will not regret.

Recommendation: Not as good as others in the list. But definitely worth one try.

Size: 49 MB

Download BasketBall Stars

These are the games which I specifically want you to try out. I have not listed here the common games which are known to everyone. Here is a list of those very popular games which everyone knows about and are good.

Popular Low Mb Games which everyone knows

  • Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia
  • Piano Tiles
  • Dr. Driving- Do not mistake it with Dr Driving 2(One of the worst game I ever played)
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Brain Dots
  • Physics Drop
  • Smash Hit

These games are also good but you should try play those games which are not very popular. Trust me, they are very good.

Extremely Small MB Games Under 10 Mb

Now, if you are someone who is running very much low on data, then you should try these games. They are under 10 Mbs in size, but are very good and you will love them. Check out the list

Final Words

I hope you liked this article of best low mb games for android. I tried to present some different and unique games to you which not every website mentions. Do let me know, if you have any questions or queries.

Also, leave a comment down below that which is your most favourite game from this list.

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