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Six splendid techniques to encourage comments on your blog

Encourage Comments

Comment is a word that you see almost every time you are on Facebook, and the only time you see it is whenever you want to read or contribute to an update, so it is in blogging. Commenting is the act or process of contributing to an update; you share your opinion about the update or post. Commenting is a check that your audience agrees with what you have written.

According to Jakob Nielsen’s findings; 90% of online community users are reading or observing without contributing and only 9% of users are contributing ‘a little’ and 1% are actively contributing.

Let’s cut the crap and let me show you

Six Splendid Techniques to Encourage Comments on Your Blog

Encourage Comments

Make Sure Your Contents are Resourceful

The power of resourceful and Great Content cannot be underestimated. When you deliver a resourceful content to your audience, you will definitely see comments rolling in. Have you ever noticed you publishing a post on How to Make Money Online? How to Top Rank Search Engines? You will testify that they received more comments than others and more views. Resourceful and Great Content is the KING, and will always be the KING forever. When writing a content, make sure it is interesting and make sure it is what your audience wants.

Make Sure You Share Your Posts

No one will see what is not shared. When you publish a post, always make sure you share your post on every social network you are registered on. Sharing on Social Networks means you are sharing with your friends and some groups you have connection with.

If you are just sharing on Facebook and with Friends, it is advisable you start joining groups that are similar to your niche and you start sharing on those groups, that will increase the number of views you are directing to the post.

Make Sure You Ask Your Audience About Their Opinion

Another aspect you should not ignore is asking your Audience to give their words of Wisdom, I believe everyone has one or two things to say, it’s just that you did not ask.

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After all your write-up always end the whole post with something like, “I have exposed my view about Commenting, How to make sure comments keep rolling every time and I will like to know your view about this blah blah blah blah.” You will see people commenting straight away since you have opened the gate of comments to everyone.

Make Sure Your Comment Platform is Friendly

When you comment on Facebook, you will notice that there is a box, that you always write or type your opinion, so is it in blogging. There are several comment plugins or platforms that can be integrated into your blog, but the most important thing is that the Comment Platform must be Friendly. What do I mean by Friendly? What I mean is, when selecting a comment platform, you make sure the plugins is mobile Friendly, make sure it is responsive.

For example, I will like to criticize Disqus for its Friendship. Disqus Comment System is okay especially when you are on the PC, you will enjoy the community of people commenting, but when you want to comment on phone, it’s another thing, you will not see the Comment Button to click on, you can just type, you can’t push up your comment. Also make sure, the plugin can allow your audiences have their link of their post after commenting, that is back-links.

Make Sure You Reply All Comments

All Comments are significant to you and that is why you must value those comments and appreciate those that comment, so they can always keep visiting. It is rude when your audiences are commenting and you are not replying them. Replying to comments makes the conversation more interesting and the thread increases.

Make Sure You Comment on Their Blogs

The Golden Rule applies to this aspect of blogging. When you comment on my Site, I will Comment on Yours. Note, at the initial point you will just be commenting, but on the long-run when the person is not reciprocating the comment, you will stop commenting. Is that not so? Yes, it is. So make sure when someone comments on your site, you reciprocate the comment.

Over to You

I believe you enjoyed the Six Splendid Techniques to Encourage Comments on Your Blog. I will like you to please Share your opinions with us. Don’t just be a Reader but a Contributor. Thanks.

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