The Deep Web: Myths and Truths You Need To Know

Deep web Myths and Truths

We all know that the internet is a vast resource which is full of information and data. But, there exists another web that is hidden from all of us. Not every one of us can access it. It requires special privileges to access the deep web. The normal web browsers cannot be used to browse the deep web. So, most of the people who want to access the deep web make use of the Tor browser, though some pages are accessible through the normal browser. Deep web is bigger than anyone’s imagination. Many of us have not heard about the hidden web that is also called the Deep web. So why not know more about it?

Let us know more about it and explore some of the myths and facts about the deep web.

More about Deep Web

In layman terms, the Deep Web is simply that part of the internet which is not accessible by general public. It is something which is a lot different from the normal internet activities we do. For instance, deep web has a lot of offending content, which is typically illegal to publish on the normal web.

The Deep web, dark web and the mariana web are are different parts of the hidden web. In this article, we will only be talking about the Deep web. So let us get into more information about it and discover some myths related to that.

Myths about Deep Web

Deep web Myths and Truths

  • You need special tools to access the Deep Web: It is one of the biggest myths that most of us believe in. Though we need special tools to browse some part of deep web, we can still access some of the deep web pages through normal web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and many other browsers.
  • Deep Web and Dark Web are same: Another misconception about the deep web is that it is similar to the dark web. But this is only a myth. The Dark web is only the small part of deep web that can only be accessed through special browsers. Dark web is the darker side of the deep web and a place to all the illegal activities. It is just 0.1% of the deep web.
  • Deep Web is Run by Criminals: It is totally a false statement that the deep web is run by the criminals. This is because a number of news stories mix deep web pages with the dark web (a place for illegal activities). But, the deep web is totally legitimate and is run by reputable companies. A search engine called DuckDuckGo is specifically designed to search the deep web pages.

Truths about Deep Web

  • Deep Web is much Bigger than Surface Web: You will be amazed to know that the deep web is much bigger than the surface web. According to current estimates, the surface web is made up of 1 billion documents, while the deep web contains over 600 billion documents. This is really a huge number.
  • Deep Web is Free to Access: It is a truth that deep web is completely free to access unless you purchase some service from the deep web. If you are looking at some content on the deep web like newspapers, subscriptions etc., they are definitely not free to access.
  • General Search Engines Cannot Crawl Deep Web: Yes, you have heard it right. The normal search engines like Google, Bing etc. cannot crawl the deep web pages. You require a search engine like DuckDuckGo find the deep web pages.

The Final Words

The deep web is really vast. No one can ever explore it completely. It is the place good for researchers and scholars. It also has a small part called Dark web, which is the place for all the illegal activities.

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