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Best Google Adsense Alternatives for 2017 [Updated]

Best Adsense Alternatives

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

Some of the Adsense alternatives that you will like are:

Best Adsense Alternatives

Buy Sell Ads

BuySell Ads is probably the best adsense alternative. It is a direct banner ads network which works better than Adsense but not a PPC network as Adsense. The program policies of BSA are simple compared to Adsense once your site is approved by BSA, it will be active forever as far as you work hard.

Requirements for Buy Sell Ads

If you want to use BSA on your blog then you must meet the minimum criteria described by Following is a list of requirements your blog must have in order to be approved by BSA.

• Your blog must have at least 50K monthly page views
• Blog must be in English
• Blog must be finished and not under construction
• Must have more than 50 posts and fresh content
• Pornography, illegal, hacking-cracking, casino sites are not accepted by BSA
• Blog must have a professional design

Try Buy Sell Ads


This is the second better alternative to AdSense which can earn you more money than Adsense, but its requirements are complex than BSA and Adsense. Your blog must meet the following criteria

• Your blog should have 500,000K monthly page views
• Top level domain like .com not .blogspot or .wordpress etc
• Blog must have a professional design
• Fresh and updated content
• Blog must not publish illegal content

Exponential is a PPC network and works amazingly, just like Adsense

Try Exponential is the combined Ad network of Yahoo and Bing search engines, and this is also a PPC network same like Google Adsense. It is considered as the major alternative to Adsense these days, the minimum payout is $100 same as Adsense, and they directly pay you via Paypal. Also, unlike Adsense, you can directly contact them via email and discuss your problem. You can even apply for a publisher account if you have low traffic for your site/blog. is indeed a great adsense alternative.



It facilitates you for Pay Per Click advertising system for indexing your site to add some hyperlinks in it. It is considered one of the top ranking advertising program. So, the people who do not have Adsense account should try to get an account in Infolinks. The people having good traffic from the Western world like Canada and USA can make a handsome amount of money from Infolinks. It pays you through PayPal and the minimum amount the users can draw is $50.

A lot of people use Infolinks as the best adsense alternative.

Check out Infolinks


It is a PPC network and alternative to Google Adsense. ClickSor would be the most annoying Ad network and if your site does not get Adsense approval due to lack of traffic, you should try ClickSor. It provides you various kinds of Ads such as Pop ups and In-Text Contextual. The minimum amount paid to the user is $50 and surely your site will be approved at once. So best of luck with ClickSor.

Try ClickSor



Undoubtedly it is an excellent Ad network and a newer as well. The users looking for a good alternative to Google Adsense would definitely prefer it. It provides Pop Ups and full page banners. The users having Western World’s traffic would be able to get benefits from it. This network also shows Adsense Ads on your blog/site. You can get maximum 5 ad blocks per page with Adversal.

Try Adversal

So the ball is in your court…


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