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The Raising of a Dead or Dying Blog

The Rise of a Dead or Dying Blog

I am glad to announce to you that your blog is a Living Entity. It may not go through the whole process of MR NIGER D but literally it is a living being. Before I move forward I will like to greet you Happy Easter Period. Easter is the Celebration and Remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ. He did ... Read More »

How To Create An RSS Feed for Your Blog

How to Create an RSS Feed for Your Blog

An RSS feed is an absolute must for your blog. Popular blogs are popular because they manage to retain their readers. The idea that popular blogs attract lots of new readers or casual readers is false, as most popular blogs are popular because the same people come back every week. If you want to make it easier for a reader ... Read More »

8 Easy Ways To Get More Traffic From Twitter

8 Easy Ways To Get More Traffic From Twitter

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140-character text messages, called “tweets”. It is an incredible social network with 200 million monthly active members (according to Expanded Ramblings). Whatever your business does, or whatever your blog is about there is a huge number of people ready and waiting to learn ... Read More »

25 Excellent Content Marketing Tools for Your Brand (Infographic)

Content Marketing Tool

Successful content marketing initiatives have many moving parts. Creating powerful content that grows your business can be a discouraging process. It’s possible to spend countless hours producing something to help your brand reach the next level, only to discover that it does little in the way of improving engagement, traffic, or sales. The good news is that there are many ... Read More »

Getting the Attention of Top Bloggers – What I Learnt From Enstine Muki and Harleena Singh

Getting the Attention of Top Bloggers

Pro Bloggers Feel Irritated When Tagged Unnecessarily!!! Everyone wants to be known especially as a Blogger, you want to be known by pro bloggers and you don’t just know how to do it, sometimes you read on relating with top bloggers, you do it and yet there is no sign that a pro visited, read and commented on your post. ... Read More »

What Do You Feel About TechRez

What Do You Feel About Techrez

Welcome dear Readers of Techracle. This is the first symposium we will be having on this blog and we hope you will enjoy the discussion. Our discussion this month will start with Techrez – “What Do You Feel About Techrez”. I am glad to bring to you Sam Adeyinka of Promotivator to this blog, we will be discussing together on ... Read More »

April Fools: Google Introduces Shelfies on Gmail

Google now introduces shelfies on Gmail

Today the April Fool Day, Google says we’re proud to free your selfies by launching Gmail Shelfie, the SHareable sELFIE”. Today, Gmail hits the double digits. Over the last 10 years, you—our users—have been our biggest inspiration. You’ve sent us ideas for features you want, and told us what you like (and didn’t like…). So while it may be our ... Read More »

Blogging Symposium Now on Techracle

Hello beautiful and handsome readers of this new section on TECHracle. Techracle (Learning more about Technology) is one of the best sites that gives interesting posts Technology. When I mean Technology, virtually every aspect of technology; Web Development, Security, Computer Hacks, Blogging, Technology News etc. TECHracle is a blog created just because of my passion for writing on technology niche. ... Read More »

5 Tips You Need to Know About Protecting Your PC


As a computer guru, I’m sure your computer is your babe and I guess you really love it and won’t be good if anything happens to your babe (PC). The way you teat your babe matters a lot. If you let other dangerous guys get your babe, you won’t like the romance at all. Lol, why am I referring to ... Read More »

5 Business Tools to Lighten Your Social Media Marketing Load


Social media marketing is the process of passing an idea into the world of social media in a way that is beneficial to the person doing the marketing. Take this as broad of a definition as you like because many things count as social media marketing. For example, promoting your new product counts as social media marketing, but smearing the ... Read More »

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