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Optimize your Website for Mobile Search Engines

Mobile Search Engine

Recently, Google pleased us with new possibilities to conduct mobile advertising campaigns in AdWords. These changes were the most extensive in the past 5 years due to increasing mobile expansion. Recently, the head of the mobile advertising company gave a detailed interview about the future plans for mobile search engines and much has been said about the concept of mobile search engine optimization. ... Read More »

Five Ultimate Tips You Should Follow to Increase Blog Visitors

increase blog traffic

Every blogger wants to increase traffic to his blog. To get a handsome amount of traffic, blog marketing techniques are required. Writing quality content is undoubtedly important, but that’s not all. A solid marketing blueprint is needed alongside. As a matter of fact, writing quality content and online promotion of the blog should be done simultaneously to guarantee a steady ... Read More »

How to Become a Certified Blogger

graduate bloggers

Let me guess, you clicked the link just because of the word Certified. LOL There are several articles on who a blogger is and what blogging is but not all of them will really tell you what it takes to become a certified blogger. You don’t need to be confused with the word Certified; the word just signifies you have ... Read More »

12 On-Page SEO Techniques Search Engines Love

12 on page seo techniques search engines love

It is no new word or news that On-Page SEO is very important in ranking great on Search Engines. In one of my post on SEO, i discussed on Sailing on Nine On-Page SEO Techniques which was very helpful. On-Page SEO is a process that is done on your website or blog unlike Off-Page SEO which is done outside the ... Read More »

How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Readers


One of the key Successes in Blogging is having a Strong Relationship in the blogging world, either with your readers or with other bloggers. In my previous post I wrote about Building Relationship with Bloggers and someone commented that, what of with readers, and that has pushed me to write on How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Readers. ... Read More »

Google Search With Voice Now Lets You Correct Wrong Responses


Searching Google by voice has been hit and miss for a lot of people and with voice search now the focal point on Android Wear it makes sense that there are steps in place to improve it. For years we have all complained about the ghastly responses we get from automated systems, or just about the poor functionality. Voice recognition ... Read More »

Google Launches Program To Teach Women Coding


It is true that women develop interest for Mathematics and science in school but now the passion is no more there, they begin to lose interest at the age of 13. For very female that studies computer science as a course in college, it is scarce to see women interested in computer not to talk of programming, and by the ... Read More »

Finally, Facebook Messenger Arrives on iPads


Facebook has finally made its dedicated Messenger application available for iPad users across the globe after three years of acquiring Beluga which was turned into Messenger for smartphones. The availability of the Facebook Messenger for iPad version has allowed users do away with utilizing the enlarged iPhone app on the tablet. The Facebook Messenger app for iPad comes with a ... Read More »

Rumor: Apple iPhone 6 to be Launched on September 25

Apple iPhone 6 to Launched on September 25

Rumor: Apple iPhone 6 to be Launched on September 25 It is really hard to go a day without hearing a new iPhone 6 rumor, but today’s (July 3) report out of China are among the more tantalizing, if not a bit hard to believe. The biggest hole in this rumor is that Sept. 25 is a Thursday, and Apple ... Read More »

Facebook Agreed to Acquire LiveRail to Make Video Ads Better

Facebook Acquires LiveRail

Today, Facebook announced her agreement of acquiring LiveRail, which connects marketers to publishers on web and mobile to target 7 billion video ads to visitors per month. A source tells us Facebook paid between $400 million and $500 million for LiveRail, but Facebook refused to comment on the terms. Facebook said: We believe that LiveRail, Facebook and the premium publishers ... Read More »

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